Wessex Motor Club PC7 - Finals

Wessex Motor Club Plotters Cup Round 7


6th February 2003

This is a 12-car navigational rally, held under the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA).

Hampshire Police and the Route Liason Officer (RLO) for Hampshire have been contacted. The RLO has given approval for the event. MSA permit number 17245 has been granted.

Navigation Envelopes

You have 15 sealed envelopes containing all of the navigation for the route. Each envelope is labelled with the name of the Time Control at which it should be opened. Failure to shoe the marshal the unopened envelope when booking in will result in a penalty (see below). The navigation for each control gives the grid reference of that control.

Time Cards

For each Time Control the time card gives:

  1. The time allowed for the section which ends at that control.
  2. Your scheduled time at that control (hour and minute).
  3. A block of thirty numbers representing minutes when you could book in at that control. The marshal will circle the appropriate time here (or the scheduled time if you are on schedule).
  4. Boxes for the marshal the sign (or for competitors to note the codeboard at an unmanned TC), and ticks for unopened envelopes and correct approach.

Between the controls is a space for you to note, in order, the codeboards which you pass on the section.

Some Time Controls may not be manned by a marshal. In such a case, a codeboard will be placed at the TC location. Note the codeboard in the signature box for the appropriate TC then open the envelope for that TC to obtain the navigation for the next section. If you arrive at an unmanned TC before your scheduled time (as shown in the box on your timecard), you should wait for your scheduled time before you open the envelope (in case the marshal turns up at the last minute). No times will be attributed to unmanned controls. (Don't forget that it is not unheard of for codeboards to disappear, so don't be too downhearted if you arrive at an unmanned TC which does not have a codeboard).

Start LocationKnowle Hill car park 185 / 504 187 (unmarked on the map)
Finish PubThe Churchillian 196 / 660½ 064½ (also unmarked)
Phone NumbersOlly Smith (mobile): 07968 581413
Calum Maciver (mobile): 07866 013888

Maximum Lateness

Maximum lateness at any time control is 30 minutes. Arriving at a control after maximum lateness will be considered as missing that control. Any crew arriving at the finish more than 30 minutes after their due time will be deemed to have retired. Timing will be to the preceeding whole minute.


Missing a PC (codeboard)1 fail
Missing a TC (control)3 fails
Wrong approach to a TC1 fail
Open envelope at a TC1 fail
Failing to stop at a give way1 fail, exclusion on second offence
Breaching a quiet zone1 fail, exclusion on second offence
Entering a black spotExclusion
Booking in after due time1 mark per minute
Booking in before due time1 mark per minute

Your due time at a control is the time you would arrive if you had completed the section in exactly the time allowed for that section. You may wait for your due time if you arrive before that time.

Results will be decided on least number of fails. Ties will be broken on least number of marks. Remaining unbroken ties will stand.


Unless otherwise noted, all navigation will use coloured roads only. One unsurfaced white road will be used. Although it is not deeply rutted, there are a number of large potholes that are avoidable if approached at a sensible speed. Sump guards are not a requirement.

All give ways are given in the navigation. You must stop at all give ways before and within 10 feet of the line. The requirement to stop is relaxed at roundabouts, where you only need to comply with the Road Traffic Act. A selection of give ways may be marshalled.

In the case of ambiguity in the navigation, take the shortest route that fits the clues. Careful scrituny of the map is required when solving the clues in order to find the correct route in some cases.

Quiet Zones

Quiet zones should be driven in the highest possible gear, with all auxilliary lamps extinguished and with minimum disturbance to residents and other road users.

 All speed limited areas
58 17Upper Swanmore
58 16 N½Upper Swanmore
60 18Droxford
61 16 N½Soberton
67 22 SE¼East Meon
68 22 S½East Meon
68 21 N½East Meon

Black Spots

You may not enter these areas on pain of exclusion.

56 21Ower Farm
65 17 NE¼Chidden