Wessex Motor Club PC5
Currently looking for marshals: This is a first call for marshals for PC5 to be held on the 11th December. We are looking for as many marshals as possible (at least 6 separate parties) and we can arrange a schedule to hopefully suit you. If you can’t come for long you can have 1 or 2 controls close to the start/finish/your home etc., but we’d be grateful to hear from those who’re up for a bit more of a drive into the depths of Wiltshire and Hampshire too – no controls too far away though, the event is on the bottom right of 184 and the bottom left of 185. The start will be at 19:00 at Ower services (~327,174) and the finish will be at the Newport Inn (~373, 250) with everyone having finished by 22:15 – 22:30. Please get back to me if you intend to come out and if you have any time/distance constraints please make me aware. If you want to marshal and don’t have a car we can sort something out, and vice-versa if you want someone to navigate you to your control(s).