Wessex Motor Club Still No Towers Results

Still No Towers (12 Car)

11 1 Andy Coshan Phil Kendall Renault 19 E 14  
22 Olly Smith Nick Clarke Peugeot 309 GTi E 323  
33 John Upham Susan Broughall VW Golf E 459  
44 Richard Lawley Paul Lettington Citroen Saxo E 2639  
55 Toby Jeffries Chris Gage Vauxhall Nova E 3749  
OTL Andy Garrett Jon Taylor Peugeot 205 XS E  
DNF 2 Steve Barnard Jonah Nuttgens Sprint E Water pump problem 
DNF Rob Reynolds Glynn Hayward Subaru Impreza E  
DNF James Firth Ed Butler Ford Fiesta XR2 E Field Problem 

Organiser's Comments

First of all a big thank you to all the marshals, it was a bit cold, but I think everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, thank you for coming out. Also thank you to all the competitors, there were only 9 of you in the end due to the flu, but I think you all seemed to enjoy yourselves. Well done to Andy and Phil, and also to Olly and Nick. The double Drs were 3rd, although you could have been 2nd, but I can't decipher your time card at TC17 and you appear not to have written the board down, occuring 3 fails. Bad luck to Richard and Paul who were going well until they stopped to help James and Ed, meaning they had to cut some TCs. Chris and Toby were let down by not being able to get the locking wheel nuts off the car to change a puncture they substained down the Upham whites, thus meaning they had to cut the entire last time card, as they limped to the finish via a petrol station for some air - bad luck. Andy and Jon managed to be OTL by two minutes, doh! Everyone else seemed to encounter car, sickness or post problems, and dnf'd, bad luck, hope to see you all again next year. Thanks again to everyone for coming out.