Wessex Motor Club PC6 Results

PC6 (12 Car)

11 David Coles Elly Pryce Ford Fiesta PC 727  
2 Steve Barnard Phil Kendall Dolomite NE 1133  
3 Tom Jenkins Chris Moore Ford Fiesta NE 1229 Course Opener 
421 Jon Taylor Calum Maciver Peugeot 205 RUC 1535  
53 Darren Tomes James Read MG Metro PC 2346  
6 Tom Richards Peugeot 205 NE 2530  
742 Richard Lawley Chris Gage Citroen Saxo RUC 2651  
85 Colin Davis Bhavin Shah Citroen ZX PC 2824  
96 Olly Smith Ben Smith Mini PC 3129  
107 Chris Field Lizzie Pope Spitfire PC 4328  
OTL Ben Paddick John Thompson VW Polo PC 27  
OTL Michael Mifsud Phil Mudge Vauxhall Corsa RUC 32  
DNF Gareth Lewis Susan Broughall Vauxhall Belmont PC  

Organiser's Comments

Well done to Dave and Elly for an excellent win. I think they were the only student crew who didn't have to miss out any TCs and only cut route after TC12 in a dash to the finish. Well done also to Jon and Calum for getting first RUC and second place overall.

Bad luck to Olly and Ben who got lost early on and turned up at TC3 on route to TC2. Despite losing a lot of time on the 2nd section they weren't dropping much time generally and would probably have finished much higher but for the early mishap which put them a lot closer to OTL and forced a route cut sooner than they would have liked. Commiserations to Ben and John, and Michael and Phil who looked like they stuck at driving the route to the bitter end, but were cutting it really fine getting to some of the TCs on time and were eventually OTL at the finish.

Tom and Chris did very well on the expert nav and dropped hardly any time for the most part, except for three sections which really knocked them back. I remember TCs 4 and 8 having especially taxing clues which couldn't have helped. TC4 didn't phase Steve and Phil though, who didn't drop any time on that section (despite our attempts to slow the experts down on some quick roads by doing a really long winded clue), and overall, managed to avoid going OTL on route and picked up less fails.

The dreadful weather seems to have been a real pain for everybody, but it looks like most crews pressed on regardless until forced to cut route due to lack of time; Olly and Ben's choice of codeboards between TC10 and 12 summed it up pretty well - " S-T-U-P-I-D F-O-G-!-!-!"

Steve & Jonah