Wessex Motor Club External Magazine Articles

This is a list of articles about Wessex Motor Club that have been published in other magazines and newspapers

Date Publication Author Headline  
23/02/2023Motorsport NewsIan MillsKendall tops Kent field despite venue change[View]
26/10/2022Wessex SceneLizzie PopeSummer success for Wessex Motor Club[Online Article]
27/04/2023WebsiteThe Funky Elephant - A challenge for man & machine[Online Article]
01/04/2023BBC NewsAdam YarringtonSpeedy students[Online Article]
17/03/2023Motorsport NewsIan MillsReigning champion Cole back in the winning habit[View]
18/02/2023Motorsport NewsElizabeth PopeNot sexy - but fun[View]
26/11/2022Motorsport NewsLizzie PopeSouthern Unis 12 Car[View]
08/11/2022Wessex SceneLizzie PopeMotor club driving forward[View]
09/10/2022Motorsport NewsIan MillsCoshan nabs triumph after dead heat[View]
22/05/2023Wessex SceneElizabeth PopeMotor Club have a Funky Time[View] [Online Article]
14/05/2023Motorsport NewsIan MillsUnique format causes headaches (Swan Road Rally)[View]
01/05/2023Motorsport NewsIan MillsCole and Blows nip ahead on critical test[View]
23/01/2023Wessex SceneElizabeth PopeWessex reflect on year to remember[View] [Online Article]
29/11/2022Wessex SceneLizzie PopeMotor Madness[Online Article]