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Issue 1 - October 2000

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Welcome To The New Magazine!

The Plotters' Cup Championship
Essential Equipment For a Rally Crew
An Introduction To Navigational Scatters



Welcome to the first edition of the new monthly magazine. This magazine is aimed at the newcomers to the club, but will also contain articles relevant to all members of the club. All newcomers to the club should receive a copy of the newsletter each month in the post. If you do not, you should contact a member of the committee. Details of the committee can be found in all issues of the magazine. Future issues of the magazine will contain all the results from all of the club events. The current status of the club championships will also be included. Lets hope that this new magazine can live a long and fruitful life and not die out within the first few months of its life. Phil Kendall


Inter-Uni Karting Team has reason not to grumble.
Radio 1 DJs Mark & Lard gave our Inter-Uni Karting team a mustn't grumble on their radio show earlier in the year. You can hear the sound clip on the clubs web site. www.soton.ac.uk/~motor

The Plotters Cup Championship

The Plotter's Cup is the club's rally championship. All student members of the club are eligible for the championship. The championship is made up of ten rounds spread throughout the first and second university terms. Two types of event make up the rounds: Navigational Scatter & 12-Car Navigational Rally. A navigational scatter is just like a treasure hunt in a car with a very tight time schedule. Competitors solve clues to plot locations on a map, and then drive to as many locations as they can in the time allowed. More details about navigational scatters can be found elsewhere in this issue. A 12-Car navigational rally is a more traditional rally event. Competitors follow a fixed route that they have to work out as they go along. Whilst following the route competitors have to stick to a very tight time schedule. More details about 12-cars can be found in next months issue. As well as competing for the plotters cup, all newcomers will be fighting it out for the RUC shield. The RUC shield is a separate championship that runs along side the Plotters Cup. Competitors in their first year of motorsport can score points for both the Plotters Cup and the RUC Shield.

Essential Equipment For a Rally Crew

  • Maps *
  • Romer - for accurate map plotting *
  • Sharp pencils + Eraser
  • Good torch + spare batteries (we only compete at night!)
  • A long ruler + pair of compasses
  • A brain
  • Beer money

* available at a reduced cost from the club

An Introduction To Navigational Scatters

What is a Navigational Scatter?

A Navigational Scatter combines the fun of a treasure hunt and the skill of orienteering with the motorcar, allowing competitors to rally down the UK's maze of country lanes.

The Start

On arrival at the start location crews will be given a set of Final Instructions. These provide information about the finish location, the position of the control marshals and a set of questions corresponding to the route checks (RCs) as well as details of cautions and black spots and an answer grid. At the start time (usually 7pm) crews will be issued with their first set of clues. Crews should stay at the start location until they have solved enough clues to work out which ones they want to go to.

Solving the clues

Clues have different values according to their location and difficulty level. Solving the clues will provide a set of grid references, which plot as RCs on to an ordnance survey map. It is the Navigator's responsibility to choose a route between RCs and direct the driver accordingly. More clues will be issued on arrival at the control marshals.

Route Checks

On arrival at the location of a route check, crews will look up the corresponding question on the question sheet (given to them at the start) and then write the answer on the answer grid. The question can be anything from 'draw the gate' to 'What is the make of the padlock?'. Whatever the question, the crews will have to look around the location of the RC to find the answer.

Control Marshals

Control Marshals will only be present at their location for a limited time period. During this period, points and more clues are available. The location of the control marshals with regard to the RCs you have plotted may influence your route. Clues but no points are available for visiting a Control Marshal either 5 minutes early or late.


Crews must arrive at the finish pub and hand in their answer sheets no later than the stated finish time. Arriving after this time will result in crews being outside time limit (OTL) and no points will be available Scoring 1, 2, or 3 points for visiting RCs 10 points for visiting Control Marshals Additional points can be earned by completing a simple bonus task handed out at a Control Marshal. The winning crew is the crew with the most points.


The results of crews' performances will be announced at the finish pub as soon as possible. They will also be displayed on the club notice board within three days of the event.

Navigational Scatter Top Tips

  • Make sure you get to each Control Marshal as 10 points are on offer for visiting each one.
  • Leave the start after 20 minutes or you may run out of driving time
  • Plot RCs accurately, know what you're looking for when you get there, and whether you need to turn round.
  • Get to the last control (normally CMB) asap so that you have more time to visit RCs with them all plotted - otherwise you only end getting new RC's that you've already driven past.
  • Never panic, argue or get in a temper!
  • Always start events with a full tank of fuel!
  • If you get stuck ask the Marshal. They are there to help.