Wessex Motor Club Photo Album


Pictures of WMC cars that are in car heaven. RIP

Andy's 901

On the Kent Road Rally in 2003 Andy rolled his 106. It didn't survive.

Ed's Lancer

Not an event crash, but Ed hit a road sign at 70mph when he was driving too tired. The average driver has 6 'micro sleeps' a year but normally you never realise them.

Carl's 205

On PC2 this poor pug hit a tree

James' Fiesta

On the Still No Towers in 2003, James went straight on at a T-Junction into a field.

Chris F's 205

On the Inter-Uni 12 car in 2003, Chris Finch rolled his 205 off a bank.

Paul's Fiesta

A little bit of damage sustained on the 2004 Funky, although the car was still sold a few days later!

Phil's 309

On the Barbara Carter in 2004, Phil rolled WOW.

Ed's BMW

First person to manage two entries in this section - Ed let James drive his BMW in the Powerush. Not a great idea, and soon we found that in Bank vs BMW, bank won.

James' Nova

Third car James has driven into the crashes section!

Mike's 205

On PC7 in 2005, Mike didn't make a 90 left. Or the massive car sized gap just to the right of the tree.

Dave's 309

On PC10 in 2005 Dave finds that trees are still stronger than Pugs.

Dave's 309 (again)

Dave avoids a random parked in the middle of the road, only to be introduced to yet another tree.