Wessex Motor Club Photo Album

Abingdon CARnival

Date: 12/06/2023

Two chaps fixing a Stratos, one chap sniffing the engine bay. Erk. Closer inspection reveals it's a boring sprint car, not a rally car. Nice wheels tho'. Tarmac autotest mini. Sorry-looking autotest mini with a blown diff. The autotest queues. One test on the left, another on the right. Driving miss Jerry. Very cool, very sideways autotest Midget. Mike Biss with a fixed Nova creating plumes of tyre smoke. Midget just after it was a bit sideways. (digital camera.. hmm) Midget about to be sideways. (overcompensating for digital camera.. hmm) Midget at the finish line. All done. There was a concrete path crossing the autotest circuit. This is what happened if you went over it sideways. The air line at Tesco down the road saved the day. Runway rounders.