Wessex Motor Club Candover Crown

Candover Crown, Axford   
Brewery: Free House
Location: 21 miles NE of SU4215 at SU6043 [Map]
Last Visited: May 1997
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Description: Slightly posh with ample garden space. Not too much lounge bar space, for pub trips better in summer. Journey - good, choice of routes some more fun than others.
Abbot, Timothy Taylor, Crown Best (brewed by Hampshire Brewery), Badger Brewery Dorset Best; all well kept. Not a great food selection and a bit pricey (mostly �6-�10). Although portion size is generous and quality is good. Landlord friendly enough, without being pushy.
There was a chap called Takashi
Who drove around in a Mini
He was on the ball
'Til he hit the wall
And now his steering has gone silly
Tom Jenkins, before 2003
Apparently changed to a wine bar.
Ed Butler, Jun 2003