Wessex Motor Club Alice Lisle

Alice Lisle, Rockford   
Brewery: Gales
Location: 17 miles W of SU4215 at SU158080 [Map]
Last Visited: June 1997
Rating: 2.5/5 (from 2 ratings)2.5/5 (from 2 ratings)2.5/5 (from 2 ratings)2.5/5 (from 2 ratings)2.5/5 (from 2 ratings) (2 ratings) Log in to rate this pub
Description: Large New Forest tourist-oriented pub.
Beer okay. Grub surprisingly so too. Not even too pricey.
Steve Barnard, before 2003
Quite a big pub, definitely oriented towards families dining out in the New Forest. Was full at 8.30pm and completely deserted by 11pm. Nothing special, but much better than most similar New Forest pubs.
Ed Butler, Sep 2003