Wessex Motor Club Bear & Ragged Staff

Bear & Ragged Staff, Michelmersh Event Finish  
Brewery: Whitbread
Location: 9 miles NW of SU4215 at SU335258 [Map]
Last Visited: October 1998
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Description: A 'Wayside Inn' and everything that implies. Yet another chain of plastic restaurant/pubs akin to Beefeater, Berni, Brewer's Fayre, Harvester. The sort of crap place a stingey boss might take his staff for Christmas.
Unremarkable Whitbread-related beer, uniformed staff, plastic atmosphere.
Probably plastic food (not sampled).
Steve's update (Nov 1998)
Used twice in last year as PC finish,
friendlier and more helpful than you might expect both times. Bar staff tend to
appear inexperienced, but the beer's been quite good recently. Pub generally
better (slightly) than you might expect. Non-whitbread guest beers. Food not
Andy Coshan, before 2003