Wessex Motor Club Tichborne Arms

Tichborne Arms, Tichborne   
Brewery: Free House
Location: 13 miles NE of SU4215 at SU5730 [Map]
Last Visited: Dec 2005
Rating: 4.0/5 (from 4 ratings)4.0/5 (from 4 ratings)4.0/5 (from 4 ratings)4.0/5 (from 4 ratings)4.0/5 (from 4 ratings) (4 ratings) Log in to rate this pub
Description: Pleasant pub with welcoming staff. Nicely decorated but the interior lighting is rather too bright.
A good selection of pub food is on offer at fair prices. The initial joy at seeing several casks racked up behind the bar soon turns to dismay upon the realisation that all the ales are suffocated under a top blanket. Adding insult to injury, despite the Free House sign, when I visited last, I had a choice of three Whitbread brews or 6X (all throttled under gas). Their sole redeeming feature is a good stock of the Gales wine range.
Andy Coshan, before 2003
Proper homemade food (no chips) served til 09:45 and variety of beers from Ringwood and Hopback Brewery. Pretty thatched pub with a nice garden.
Andy Garrett, Aug 2005