Wessex Motor Club White Lion

White Lion, Soberton Event Finish  
Brewery: Free-ish
Location: 12 miles E of SU4215 at SU6116 [Map]
Last Visited: Mar 2004
Rating: 3.5/5 (from 2 ratings)3.5/5 (from 2 ratings)3.5/5 (from 2 ratings)3.5/5 (from 2 ratings)3.5/5 (from 2 ratings) (2 ratings) Log in to rate this pub
Description: 17th century building in quiet (PR-sensitive?) village. Cosy (i.e. very small) public bar with real fire. Lounge bar unfortunately converted to a 'bistro'. Piped music in 'bistro'.
Actually a Whitbread house but, with exceedingly well kept Old Speckled Hen, HSB, 6X and Hermitage to chose from, who cares? The owners are extremely friendly, sometimes excessively so. Food is good but expensive and with meagre portions. Ale is a tad on the pricey side but well worth it. Deserves an entry in the GBG (watch this space in '98).
Steve's 4p-worth: but landlord can be too friendly, his wife's off this planet, and you've got to sit in the right place to eat (& somewhere else to wait to eat). End of term meal was a farce, with stingy portions, & cocked-up orders. Maybe better with a smaller group?
Cosh's Summary: worth a look for a drink or two in a small group. Maybe even worthwhile for a club pub trip, as long as you book it first. Definitely not a candidate for a venue for eating.
Andy Coshan, before 2003