Wessex Motor Club Woolpack

Woolpack, Totford Event Finish Skittle Alley  
Brewery: Free House
Location: 17 miles NE of SU4215 at SU5737 [Map]
Last Visited: 2001
Rating: 2.8/5 (from 4 ratings)2.8/5 (from 4 ratings)2.8/5 (from 4 ratings)2.8/5 (from 4 ratings)2.8/5 (from 4 ratings) (4 ratings) Log in to rate this pub
Description: Moderate sized place with pleasant staff.
Usually a couple of good ales to choose between. Food prices are reasonable and quality is dead good.
Andy Coshan, before 2003
The trip was worth it for the look on the faces of the aforementioned diners when their lasagnes turned up in the plastic containers they'd been 'cooked' in.
Christopher Finch, Jun 2003