Wessex Motor Club

Motorsport at the University of Southampton

Wessex Motor Club currently run an internal rally championship made up of Scatter and 12-Car rallies. These take place on Thursday evenings on the roads around Southampton and are organised by past and present members of the university.

A scatter rally is essentially a treasure hunt in cars with competitors having to solve clues to which the answers are points on a map, they then have to visit as many of these points as possible in the time allocated to score the most points.

A 12 Car rally is different from a scatter rally mainly because there is a set route for each car to follow. Will time allocated for each crew to plot the route correctly and then drive it, the key to success in these events is solving the navigation quickly at the start of each section and then following that route correctly to arrive at each checkpoint at an allocated time.

We run two internal championships throughout the year; the 'Plotter's Cup' which is open to anyone currently studying at the uni; and the 'RUC cup' for novices. Competitors do not need to be paired with the same person for every event, although if a crew is made up of a driver who is in his third year of rallying and a novice navigator, both will only be eligible for points in the Plotter's Cup Championship.