Wessex Motor Club PC3

PC3 - 13th November 2003

PC3 will be the first 12 car of the WMC 2003-2004 season, running on Thursday 13th November. The event is open to all members of Wessex Motor Club, with priority for entries in the following order:

  • RUC/PC
  • PC/PC
  • RUC/NE
  • PC/NE
  • NE/NE

We're expecting a full PC elegible entry, so we'd urge all the Old Farts to come out and marshal - please contact Nick if you can, so we have an idea of numbers.

Signing on will be from 18:00 in the main entrance of the Student's Union, and the event will start from the unmarked car park at grid ref 504 187.5, with car 1 departing at 19:31. The finish will be the Chequers Inn, Ropley, grid ref 636 324, between 22:00 and 22:45. OS Landranger Map 185 edition D1 will be required.

To enter, please email Nick with Driver's name (and NES number if known) and status (RUC/PC/NE), Navigator's name and status, and your vehicle's make, model and colour, or use the new online entry form. Also if you are a driver looking for a navigator, or vice versa, email and we'll try and put you in touch with someone. The entry list is now open, and will close at 6pm on the 12th.

IMPORTANT: If you do not yet have an NES letter of acceptance, you MUST get one in order to be able to compete on any 12 cars. Please contact Andy urgently to arrange this.

Current Unseeded Entry List

# Driver Navigator Car Status
1 Andy Garrett (PC) David Coles (PC) 205 XS PC 
2 James Firth (PC) Gareth Lewis (PC) Fiesta Mk2 XR2 PC 
3 Paul Kearns (RUC) Chris Gage (PC) Fiesta Mk1 1.1 PC 
4 Ed Butler (NE) Calum Maciver (PC) Mitsubishi Lancer 1.8 NE 
5 Russell Goodrum (PC) Tom Richards (PC) Fiesta Mk3 1.1 PC 
6 Dan Moss (PC) Rob Stevenson (PC) 205 GTi PC 
7 Chris Hynds (PC) Richard Lawley (PC) Ford Fiesta PC 
8 Laurent Wallis (NE) Owen Pryce (RUC) Ford Fiesta NE 
9 Chris Johnson (NE) Andy Seal (PC) VW Scirocco NE 
10 Roger Buckingham (RUC) Richard Castanheira (RUC) Citroen Saxo RUC 
11 Elaine Freer (PC) Christopher Finch (PC) Escort Mk2 1.3 PC 
12 Matthew Coverley (RUC) Aaron McNeish (RUC) Fiat Seicento RUC 

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