Wessex Motor Club Events

This page gives details on the Road events that are run by other motor clubs. Details on Internal Events can be found here


Event Date Type Map(s) Organiser(s) Links
Londionium Pedo 2009 11/10/2022 Scatter Provided!  
CSMA Topographia Rally 18/10/2022 Scatter 174 Regs, Entry  
SMC AutoSolo 24/10/2022 AutoTest Regs  
SMC 12-car 18/11/2022 12 Car 185, 197  
"Pairs" Point to Point Rally 21/03/2023 Scatter 186 InfoDetails and Regs., Entry Form  
2020 24/04/2023 Road Rally 185 Jason Bevis, Nick Clarke, David Coles  
Miglia Quadrato 08/05/2023 Scatter Provided! Regs and Entry Form