Wessex Motor Club PC7 Results

PC7 (12 Car)

1 1 Jonah Nuttgens Andy Coshan Peugeot 205 NE 04 NE Nav 
2 2 Toby Jeffries Phil Kendall Vauxhall Nova NE 821 NE Nav 
31 5 James Firth Gareth Lewis Ford Fiesta XR2 PC 827  
42 6 Richard Lawley Nick Clarke Citroen Saxo PC 927  
5 3 Lizzie Pope Volvo 340 NE 1035 NE Nav 
63 7 Paul Kearns Chris Gage Ford Fiesta PC 1429  
7 4 Ed Butler Olly Smith BMW 325 NE 2136 NE Nav 
841 12 Jane Haley Rosemary Ghosh Vauxhall Vectra RUC 2635  
95 8 Russell Goodrum Tom Richards Ford Fiesta PC 2641  
10 11 Laurent Wallis Owen Pryce Ford Fiesta NE 2644  
1162 10 Roger Buckingham Richard Castanheira Citroen Saxo RUC 2936  
DNF 9 Dan Moss Rob Stevenson Peugeot 205 GTi PC Flat tyre 

Organiser's Comments

Thankyou to everyone for coming out, especially to Steve, Rupert, Matt, Chris, Susan and Elaine for Marshalling and Chris and Keith for course closing. We managed to get a full 12 entries and all controls manned. Thanks very much to everyone.

Well done to Jonah and Cosh for proving that the nav wasn't too hard, and they had the harder of the two sets, 0 fails and 4 minutes proved it could be done!

For everyone else, apologies that it was a bit difficult, but everyone still seemed to enjoy it and you can't always have it easy! Anyway, well done to Gareth and James for edging out Nick and Richard in PC and very well done to Jane and Rosemary for their first proper RUC win.