Wessex Motor Club PC7 Results

PC7 (12 Car)

11 Phil Kendall Jonathan Zerihan Vauxhall Nova PC 024  
22 Matt Parker George Moore Renault PC 030  
3 Paul Lettington Chris Moore Honda Civc NE 038 Expert Nav 
4 James Coyne Dick Howatt Peugeot 205 NE 057 Expert Nav 
53 Bob Wisniewski Adrian Weeks Vauxhall Nova PC 085  
6 Steve Porter Simon Smith Saab NE 0103  
741 Mike Ellis Russ Borthwick Peugeot 205 RUC 0188  
852 Andrew Davis Iain Back Vauxhall Astra RUC 0192  
DNF Tom Adler Olly Riley Land Rover PC  
DNF Tom Jenkins Andy Coshan Ford Fiesta NE  

Organiser's Comments

Congratulations to Phil and Zip for winning the event overall and adding another 10 points each to their Plotters' Cup scores, despite losing time helping Tom and Cosh roll the Fiesta back onto its wheels, and later stopping to change a tyre! Also to Chris and Paul for a first on the "Expert" version of the navigation, and to Mike and Russ for taking the RUC-eligible victory from Andrew and Iain by a very narrow margin. Commiserations to Tom and Cosh who were looking like strong favourites to win, when their rally ended rather abruptly! Glad to hear there's no serious damage done.