Wessex Motor Club PC10 Results

PC10 (TableTop)

1 Steve Barnard NE 153
2 Jonah Nuttgens NE 173
31 Phil Kendall, Paul Lettington PC 184
421 David Coles, Olly Smith RUC 876
532 Darren Tomes, James Read RUC 1785
643 John Thompson, Ben Paddick RUC 3290
754 Max Sheppard, Trystan Emery RUC 4790
86 Bob Wisniewski PC 4889
975 Colin Davis, Bhavin Shah RUC 6089
108 Matt Hall PC 7389

Organiser's Comments

Well done to Phil & Paul and David & Olly for their class wins and to Steve as the overall winner (even if Jonah did have a very valid point about the wrong side of the dual carriageway)

This gives Phil a "perfect 60" in the PC championship.