Wessex Motor Club PC5 Results

PC5 (12 Car)

11 Darren Tomes James Read MG Metro PC 221 Well done! 
22 David Coles Elly Pryce Ford Fiesta PC 37 A closer look at the map might have given you the win! 
33 Olly Smith Ben Smith Mini PC 414 Keep practicing those first sections 
441 Chris Wilkins Toby Jeffries Mini RUC 832 Well done- top RUC... and in a mini! 
552 Richard Lawley Chris Gage Citroen Saxo RUC 927 Too much time made up cutting one section (more than max. makeup) 
66 Ben Paddick John Thompson VW Polo PC 1112 Sold your wheels yet? 
77 Alasdair Macmillan Susan Broughall Metro PC 1517 A flat spare tyre is only of use around your middle! 
88 Chris Field Lizzie Pope Spitfire PC 2130 Nice hat... have you met Gordon? 
993 Phil Davidson Chris Knott Ford Escort RUC 3220 Doing well until time got tight 
1010 Michael Mifsud Bhavin Shah Vauxhall Corsa PC 3911 You seemed to get a bit lost after TC5 - even confusing the course closer 
DNF Andy Garrett Gareth Lewis Peugeot 106 PC Almost classifies as a DNS - Minor off - ran out of road. 
DNF Alison Bennett Colin Davis Mini PC Unfortunate, ran into pissy plod spoiling a good result.