Wessex Motor Club How to do Navigational Scatters
Nick and I (Mike) have put together a mini-howto for those that can't make the meeting or are just bemused by the whole thing...


Events usually start at 7pm and last for around 3 hours.

At the start you'll be given the first clue sheet. The clues will give you a grid reference (called an RC) for which there is a corresponding question.

RC's can be worth 1, 2 or 3 points depending on how difficult the clue is or how hard they are to find.

Beside the start you can get more clues at 2 other points during the event, CMA and CMB. These are usually in a lay-by or car park somewhere and open for 20 minutes at 20:00 (CMA) and 21:00 (CMB) - although times may vary. Beside getting more clues you also get 10 points for visiting them so it's very important you don't skip these out!

The finish will be at a pub (you will be told where before the start). It's very important you're not late as if the clock ticks over to 22:21 then you'll be classified as OTL and score nothing!

Hence it's important to get the "official" time at the start.

Stuff you need:

Map & romer (both for sale at the start), pencil, rubber and a watch. Stopwatch is fine provided it tells the time.

A torch, bigger is better!

If your car doesn't have a map light, or it's distracting for the driver then a small torch to read the map with will also be useful.

A typical RC

First solve some clues and plot them on the map, driver can help out with this too. However, don't spend too long doing this as you'll use up valuable driving time, about 10-15 minutes is normal.

Here are 3 RCs nice and close, so lets go visit them...

Zoom, zoom, zoom....

The question for this RC is "What's the bridge ID?". Having arrived at the grid reference our intrepid driver think's he's spotted something....

Sure enough, the answer is of course E11/9 ECR. Well done Nick, onto the next RC then!

Easy eh? ;)