Wessex Motor Club PC3 entries
# Driver Navigator Car Status
1 Mike Saywell (PC) Nick Clarke (PC) Pug 205 PC 
2 Roger Buckingham (PC) Richard Castanheira (PC) VW Golf GTi 16V PC 
3 Alex Hill (RUC) Gary Martin (RUC) Honda Logo RUC 
4 Chris Cardwell (RUC) Thomas Bowen (RUC) Volvo 340 RUC 
5 Tom Maunder (RUC) Rob Maunder (RUC) Ford Fiesta RUC 
6 Aleksander Dubas (RUC) Shaun Kingdon (RUC) Nissan Micra RUC 
7 Marlon Tucker (PC) Dan Lagrue (RUC) Astra PC 
8 Matt Aujla (RUC) Stefan Scully (RUC) VW Polo RUC 
9 Rikki Prince (RUC) Tim Jackson (RUC) Peugeot 306 RUC 
10 Alex Hartley (RUC) James Browning (RUC) VW Polo RUC 
11 Oli Lewis (RUC) Aidan Fozard (PC) Pug 205 PC 
12 Vicky Hammond (RUC) Emma Spencer (RUC) Vauxhall Corsa RUC 

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